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Institut for Social Threefolding

The Institut for Social Threefolding has been in existence since 1998. We wish to make available to all interested the means to pursue serious study of social threefolding. In addition, we have already published extensive working materials - the Social Threefolding CD-ROM . Since it concerns particularly the work of Rudolf Steiner, the entire set of working materials has until now been available only in German. You, however, can help to produce an English version. Building on this base we now want to offer a news service. The aim is to offer, from a threefolding perspective, commentary on current events that is as concise and timely as possible. Thus a kind of a mini threefolding daily paper. In addition, to examine particular issues of the day in greater depth, a variety of initiatives having more or less to do with social threefolding will be documented in detail.

Who does what?

Sylvain Coiplet is responsible for the websites of Institut.