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Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power and Threefolding
by Nicanor Perlas


list of tables and figures

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foreword by Paul H. Ray, Ph.D.

message by Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker


chapter one threefolding: the language of the new tri-polar world
chapter two whose world? surveying the terrain of contention
chapter three the battle of seattle
chapter four the threats and opportunities of globalization
chapter five elite globalization and the world power structure behind it
chapter six civil society as a global countervailing force
chapter seven identity crisis
chapter eight co-optation: the ironic fruit of the battle of seattle?
chapter nine the cultural nature of civil society
chapter ten testing the framework
chapter eleven cultural power
chapter twelve cultural creatives and the cultural revolution of the 21st century
chapter thirteen civil society and the threefolding of national and global social space
chapter fourteen example of philippine agenda 21
chapter fifteen tri-sector partnerships at the united nations: boon or bane?
chapter sixteen the juggernaut of tri-sector partnerships
chapter seventeen civil society and the beginning of history
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