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Institut for Social Threefolding

About us

Since 1998, the Institute for Social Threefolding has been making an effort to make this differentiated approach better known and to support attempts at concrete implementation in an advisory capacity.

We are young and old people of different origin, education and attitude. We are united by our interest in the social hardship of the present, and by the fact that each of us sees in social threefolding a possibility to practically counteract this hardship.

Activities and environment

Since 1999, our website has probably been the most visited site on the subject of social threefolding. The articles and essays collected here over the years make it possible to acquire a sound background knowledge. Our own publications contain contemporary studies as well as extensive collections of texts by Rudolf Steiner. They therefore provide an ideal basis for acquiring the basics of social threefolding in self-study or for forming working groups.

Some activities

  • Design of the website
  • Basic research on Rudolf Steiner's work
  • Collections of texts by Rudolf Steiner
  • Bibliography of the threefolding movement
  • Translations of basic texts
  • Articles in various journals
  • Seminar paper
  • Public consultation


As a working group, the Institut für soziale Dreigliederung exists since 1998. Only in 2012 it gets an official legal form as the Institut für soziale Dreigliederung (staatsunabhängig) gUG with the three partners Sylvain Coiplet, Johannes Mosmann and Andreas Schurack.

Some milestones

Who does what?

Sylvain Coiplet is responsible for the websites of the Institut.