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Steiner-CD Social Threefolding

The Steiner-CD Social Threefolding is the first to be devoted exclusively to social threefolding and focus on the texts of Rudolf Steiner.

It's purpose is simply to give these texts once again a central place in the study of social threefolding. The CD-ROM therefore contains Steiner's basic sociological writings as well as thematically organized collections of Steiner's writings and comments on selected topics. Finally, the CD-ROM includes a computer-generated index that can be of help in cases where no finished collection is yet available.

Basic works on social threefolding
Volumes from the the Complete Works of Rudolf Steiner
(Gesamtausgabe - GA)

GA 23 Toward Social Renewal
GA 340 World Economy

Thematic collections on social threefolding
Selections from the Complete Works of Rudolf Steiner

vol. 1 - The Social Organism and Natural Organism
vol. 2 - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
vol. 3 - Corporation and the Cultural Sphere
vol. 4 - Association and the Economic Sphere
vol. 5 - Democracy and the Rights Sphere
vol. 6 - Nationalism and the Souls of Nations
vol. 7 - Anarchism and Anarchists

Keyword index on social threefolding
A search tool for the Complete Works of Rudolf Steiner

Over 50 volumes of the Complete Works
Over 3000 keywords
Over 180 000 entries


The retail price of the CD-ROM is about 40,- Euro. Shipping costs an additional 3,50 Euro. Orders will be billed for payment.

Technical information

The documents contained on the CD-ROM are in various formats optimized for screen display and printing (pdf) and for text processing (txt) and export to data bases.
System requirements: Windows 95/98 or MacOS
Software requirements: Acrobat Reader (included)
Hardware requirements: a CD-ROM driver that can handle CD-Rs

A more detailed description and sample files from the CD-ROM can be found on the German version of this website and may be downloaded free of charge.